Choosing The Right Puzzle For Your Pup

Choosing The Right Puzzle For Your Pup

Why Choose A Puzzle?

Did you know that 15 minutes of mental exercise can be as tiring for your dog as a 30-minute walk? Interactive dog puzzles and games are like brain gym for your furry friend! They're a fantastic way to keep your dog mentally and physically engaged as they hunt for tasty rewards. Plus, these puzzles let your pup channel their natural instincts for chewing, digging, and hunting in a positive way, and they can even help curb any pesky behaviours in anxious or bored dogs.

Bonus tip: Use them as mealtime slow feeders to boost your dog's digestion!

The Different Nina Ottosson Levels:

Think of it like human crossword puzzles – we start with easy clues and gradually tackle the harder ones. Dogs are similar. If we give them a super tricky puzzle right away, they might resort to chewing their way to the treats. It's all about teaching them the game's rules and guiding them to become puzzle-solving pros, that's why there are different levels of Nina Ottosson puzzle toys.

Suits beginners, puppies, dogs who have never played before, and if you are unsure if your dog likes puzzle solving for treats. Perfect as slow feeders for dogs. Start your dog’s enrichment journey here. Level 1 puzzle toy games are made with a simple, 1-step play action that your dog will use to help uncover their favourite treats that you’ve hidden inside the game. 

Puzzles: Wobble bowlDog Smart & Puppy SmartDog Smart Composite

Level 2 puzzles suit all kind of dogs, in all sizes and ages. They combine 1- and 2-step play actions to help your dog retrieve rewards in different ways.

Puzzles: Dog Brick, Dog Tornado, Puppy Tornado, Spin N' Eat, Dog Hide 'N Slide, Puppy Hide 'N Slide, Lickin Layers, Dog Treat Maze

Level 3 dog games are more advanced and challenge your pup by requiring a series of steps to each treat reward hidden within the puzzle. Most of the play actions required to release the treats are two steps and must be made in a sequence in order to release the tasty rewards.

Puzzles: Dog Worker Composite, Dog Casino, Dog Twister, Dog Challenge Slider

Level 4 is for Experts. The Multipuzzle’s tiles move back and forth on the outside of the board. The centre requires your dog to align each of the round orange pieces precisely with the spinner, requiring strong problem-solving skills. Your dog’s brain will get a real workout from this one! 

These tips are great starting points for most dogs in these categories, but every pup has their unique preferences. Don't forget to keep an eye on your fur-baby while they play! 

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