Our Story

Canine & Co offers world class pet products to South African pet-lovers. While the company has grown, the goal and ethos have remained the same; the owners are people who authentically care about their own pets, and their clients’ too. Our stores offer a personal touch by supplying products that we use within our own fur families, providing the best possible product for each pet in his/her individual situation within their human family.

Canine & Co’s origins in 2011 provide a unique story as the owners' partnership began with their pets taking a liking to one another.

One sunny afternoon, in a park in Parkhurst a Staffie named Merryck befriended two loveable dogs, Muzzy and Badger. Soon enough their human parents met, and over a shared love and appreciation for pets the concept of a pet-centred store emerged.

After extensive research into global brands and their offerings, and a few late-night meetings around a dining room table, Canine & Co was born. The first Canine & Co store opened in Greenside, the concept being a niche pet store that sold products not ordinarily seen in the South Africa market. Topping the list were the brand-new biologically-appropriate, dog and cat food brands, ACANA and ORIJEN. 

The Greenside store was opened on the site of the owners’ former restaurant business. Given an already loyal and trusted following, it was easy to convince their former restaurant clientele to improve their pets’ culinary options too, serving up superior pet food than what was on offer at home at the time.

The next chapter in the Canine & Co storybook involved a move online in 2020 with the acquisition of A Pet's Life, the first online pet store in South Africa. Our online store offers nationwide delivery of the world's best brands & we have 17 physical stores across Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape. 

We welcome you to become part of the exciting movement that is redefining how we care and connect with our furry families. We will be there with you and your pets every step of the way.