Is your dog jealous of your phone? To which do you give more attention?

Is your dog jealous of your phone? To which do you give more attention?

Spending long periods of time glued to our phones could be having a devastating affect on our dogs, a heartbreaking new study has found.

In fact, 89% of owners who took part in the research – which was conducted by Bought By Many – explained that their pets have tried to get their attention whilst they were using an electrical device because they felt left out or alone.

We're all guilty of aimlessly scrolling through our phones, but have you ever noticed how it makes your pup feel? There are some tell-tale signs your dogs and cats may be trying to get your attention. These include...

  • 3% scratch or paw at the device
  • 48% make noise such as barking or meowing
  • 36% say their pet has gone as far as sitting on the device
  • 36% of owners believe a pet has broken something just to get their attention

    Sadly, research found that the lack of attention in pets can lead to anxiety and behavioural problems in our pets. In serious cases, it can even lead to obesity in dogs, especially if their owners don't have time to take them out for a walk.

    Devices such as laptops and phones are an integral part of our day, particularly with those of us who regularly work from home. But, it could mean we're not giving our pets the attention they deserve and need.

    Veterinary surgeon, Neerja Muncaster, says: "If you are worried about not giving a pet enough attention, you can use these tips to try and make sure you find a balance between screen use and interaction with our pets." Neerja suggests...

    1. Ensure you are listening to your pet, responding to them and acknowledging their communication.

    2. If you can't look away from your screen, try to interact with your pet in other ways, such as by stroking them or allowing them to sit on your lap.

    3. Routine will help your pet to understand when and how they can socialise with you, so make time for regular walks and cuddles.

    4. Get out and about: walking your dog and encouraging them to socialise with other pet owners will really benefit them.


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