Pet Staycation Tips & Tricks

Pet Staycation Tips & Tricks

While pet-friendly travel is gaining in popularity, there are still times that we sadly need to leave the fur kids at home. But don't worry! We've got fantastic tips to ensure your pets feel cherished even in your absence, giving you peace of mind to fully enjoy your holiday!

We suggest having a pet sitter stay at your home or leaving your pet with a sitter they already know well. This minimizes stress for your furry friend. It's best to avoid completely new environments for your pet, and so the following tips are designed with your pet's comfort and familiarity in mind.

1. Bye-bye Excess Energy:

Getting ready to leave your pets should always begin with a good exercise session. It's a great way to help them release any pent-up energy and set a calm, relaxed tone for when you head out on your holiday. It is a fantastic way to reinforce your bond, but it also helps take the edge off of your initial departure. We have a huge selection of harnesses and collars for dogs and cats, great adventure gear and walking accessories, and toys that get your pet active!

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2. Soothing Support

It's important to recognise that fear and uneasiness can sometimes lead to destructive behaviour in dogs dealing with separation anxiety. And it's not just dogs - cats, especially the very young or very old ones, can also feel separation anxiety. Your pet is bound to notice when you're away, and they might feel a bit uneasy because of it. So be prepared for this. If you head to our ‘Shop by Solution’ main menu, you’ll find ‘Anxiety’ under a drop down for dogs and cats. We have a huge selection of calming products for pets, ranging from calming collars and all natural supplements, to toys and more. You can also ask your vet to recommend calming supplements for your pet.

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    3. Update Your Pet’s ID/Microchip

    Before heading out, ensure your pet is sporting a collar with your latest information on the ID tag. We’ve got some cool ID tubes too, perfect for storing even more details than your average tag. But at the very least, having their name and your number is key. Also, take a second to double check that all the information on your pet’s microchip is up-to-date. You'd be amazed at how often microchips get scanned without the owner's details being activated! And if your pet isn’t yet microchipped we totally recommend it - it is a game changer for peace of mind.

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    4. Trust is a Must

    If you've chosen a pet sitter your furry friend isn't familiar with, arrange for them to meet in places where your pet feels at ease. Let them spend some time together to build that crucial bond. Building trust between your pet and their caregiver is key to easing any discomfort your pet might feel when you're away.

    5. Leave a Piece of You Behind

    Leaving an item that has your scent for your pet, particularly if they're staying at your pet sitter's place, can provide immense comfort. Consider leaving one of your blankets close to your pet's bed as a soothing reminder of your presence.

    6. Routine Relief

    Even when you're not around, your pet still follows the routine you've established. Provide your pet sitter with a clear set of instructions outlining your pet's daily routine. Maintaining this routine will help your pet feel a sense of familiarity and normalcy.

    7. Training Recap

    Before you head out, take some time to brush up on your dog's training, especially if you're planning to have your pet sitter stick to a routine that includes walks. You wouldn't want your pup's recall to falter if they slip out of their harness or if any unexpected hiccups occur. Have a look at our 'Training and Behaviour' section under our main menu for everything you need!

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    8. Happy Distractions

    Offer plenty of enrichment for when you are away. Treats are a great way to keep your pets happy and distracted. We also offer a huge variety of treat dispensing toys and puzzles that ensure playtime lasts soooooo much longer. And hey, your pet’s on holiday too, they deserve a little extra deliciousness and fun (make sure to let your sitter know what to give your pet and when).

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    9. Check-In

    Be sure to chat with your sitter about how often you'd like to receive updates. It's not just about easing your mind; it's also a great way to stay in the loop about your pet's stay and how they're doing.

    Here’s a great example of a care sheet that details all the information you should give your sitter:

    Care Sheet

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