Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?
Cats like to find enclosed spaces that can separate them from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house, it makes them feel safe. It also gives them a space to watch and hunt for prey, even if that "prey" is simply a toy or your feet!

They may also just want a spot where they can be left alone to observe what's going on around them without being bothered.

Boxes provide warmth, which is another thing cats are drawn to. Have you noticed that your cat loves to lay in the sun or by your fireplace? Boxes provide a similar sensation.

Cats also have an instinctual need to find shelter, which is another reason why they love settling into an enclosed space.

If there's a box that you've noticed your cat napping in time and time again, consider putting a blanket or pillow inside to make it a little extra cosy!

Cats are curious creatures! When you're opening up a package, they may be curious not only about what you ordered but also about the box that your item came in!

Cats are also curious about different scents and textures. They may enjoy sniffing, biting, and rubbing their face against the edges and corners of a cardboard box. It's all about experiencing something out of the ordinary!

Stress Relief:
Cardboard boxes are a great way to help your cat adapt to any new environment. If you have a new cat coming into your home, you may want to consider setting out a cardboard box for them to easily access so that they can have a warm and sheltered space in your home.

The same goes for if you've recently moved and are bringing a cat into a space they are unfamiliar with.

Credit: Canine & Co Expert Advisor

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