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We are big lovers of small pets. From the beginning
we set out to celebrate and inspire the love and
care of small animals with quality products,
sound education, a supportive network and
a groundswell of good deeds.


Oxbow Fortified Foods

Nutrition In Every Bite


  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition
  • High fibre ingredients lead the way
  • 100% of essential vitamins and minerals
  • No refined sugars or artificial ingredients

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Oxbow Enrichment Products



Small pets are social and playful by nature, and providing safe and enriching play items helps build the bond between pet and pet parent. Enriched Life accessories come in a wide variety of options to support pets’ play instincts.



Regular chewing is instinctual and benefits both mind and body. Enriched Life accessories are made with a variety of beneficial, safe-to-chew materials, including hay, apple sticks, sisal, and chemical-free woods and papers.


Small pets are naturally inquisitive and will want to explore their surroundings when they feel safe. By providing enriching play items that encourage the use of multiple natural behaviors, Enriched Life supports small pets’ curiosity.



Small pets are prey species with natural instincts to hide to avoid stress and danger. Even in captivity, small pets require places to hide for rest and relaxation. Enriched Life habitats feature convenient, built in hide spaces for pets.

Oxbow Bedding