We'd like to introduce you to our subscription service - this is not the usual type of subscription where you get tied in and money is automatically deducted from your account - our subscription service offers you the ultimate flexibility with no tie-ins. You are not billed until you authorise the payment, so no hidden fees or surprises.

Simply choose the frequency that you would like to receive that item and add it to your cart. You can include different items at different frequency intervals & once off purchases all in one cart. Complete your order as normal.

You will receive an email reminding you of your subscription - from here you can edit or cancel your subscription, or choose to go ahead.

Example: you've signed up for food every three weeks and tick & flea every 12 weeks. In 3 weeks time, you will receive an email, reminding you of your subscription of pet food, giving you the option of editing (changing the frequency / adding a once-off item like a toy), cancelling it, or proceeding to check-out to pay for your order. In 3 months time, you will receive the email reminder to pay for your tick & flea product.

Ensure you are logged in > Go to your account (click "My Orders") > On the right of your Order History, you'll see Account Details > The link to Subscriptions is at the bottom of this block highlighted in orange 



  • You can edit the quantity of each item
  • You can add or remove items
  • You can edit the frequency of your subscriptions
  • You can change your shipping and/or billing address
  • You can place a new subscription order without being logged into your account, however, you do need to be logged in to edit your subscription
  • If you are unsure of anything, we can also assist by editing your subscription on your behalf

Something to note:

Your subscription order will always be the latest price of the product, i.e. if there has been a price increase or if that item is perhaps on sale.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please feel free to pop us a mail or give us a call.