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Weruva manufactures dog and cat foods from real, human-grade ingredients.
All feline and canine-specific dishes are made by hand in accordance with
the strictest standards from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Our foods use the same ingredients that actually go into products for people,
such as boneless, skinless chicken breast and fish loins hand-flaked off the bone.
All Weruva products are high in protein, low in fat and high in moisture and
acceptable for all breeds and all life stages. Most products are grain, gluten,
starch and carrageenan free.


Weruva - Carnivore Focused

Carnivore Focused

Weruva - Ingredients You Can See

Real Ingredients You Can See

Weruva Crafted To The Highest Standards

Crafted To The Highest Standards

Weruva - Family Owned & Operated

Family Owned & Operated


Weruva Family Owned

Family Owned

Since founding Weruva in 2006, we’ve stayed family owned.
And to us, your pets are part of that family. When you want
more from your pet’s nutrition, we act on it. We’re delighted
you share our passion for clean pet cuisine.


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